Yoga classes in PuneYoga means ‘yuj’ which means joining,. Yoga is union of life, mind, body and soul. Yoga refreshes your mind and body. It tones your body keeping the internal organs and hormonal system in balance. We at ATRC, provide a holistic approach towards the propagation of yoga to the patients as well as yoga enthusiasts. The ATRC Yoga department is backed-up by Teachers and Therapists having qualification from Bihar School of Yoga, S Vyasa University and other prestigious Yoga Institutes.

According to research, a daily practice of yoga helps to reduce the stress and anxiety , improve the memory and concentration in children and develop essential skills such as patience, problem-solving, decisiveness, time-management, conflict resolution, teamwork and leadership.

Specifically Designed Activities/Workshops for Children and Adults.

1) Sanskar Varga – This activity includes Vedic and Mantra chants, Asanas, Pranayam, Techniques to improve memory and concentration.
2) Summer Workshops (Min registration of 5 participants).
3) Advanced Asanas Workshop (Min registration of 5 participants).

Activities for General Health and Well Being.
Specially designed and scientifically based programs and workshops.

1) Obesity, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease
2) Eye Care
3) Stress
4) Woman Health

OPD   :

We are the pioneer in designing therapeutic customised Yoga protocol for patients considering their ailments.

Timings  :

11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

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