The emphasis of research work is mainly to develop treatments of various diseases for which there are limitations in the modern system of medicine. In the traditional system of medicine number of herbs or formulations derived from them are prescribed to treat these conditions. However, such formulations are not acceptable at a global level, mainly due to the lack of standardization protocol to validate uniformity and consistency. It has been decided to undertake research projects based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, employing natural products for the development of formulations for the treatment of Kidney stone and wound healing at the ACE hospital research centre.

Research is also being carried out for Chronic Kidney disease which includes a combination therapy including Ayurvedic, Pranic Healing and Yoga.

Some effective medicinal homeopathy formulations for Mentally Challenged kids is also being carried out and exceptional results have been obtained for the same.

Pre and Post Operative Yoga and Pranic Healing sessions are given to patients so as to reduce stress and anxiety before operation. Pain Management is also catered to.

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