Carrying a global recognition as the ‘Mother of Healing’, Ayurvedic treatment originated almost 5000 years ago. ACE Transdisciplinary Research Centre (ATRC) offers authentic traditional medicine based on Ayurveda principles from Classical texts.
Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy is ideally a lifestyle that empowers us to maintain the perfect balance and harmony by adding value to the physiological expressions. Incorporating the principles of science and philosophy to balance the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual elements, ATRC offers the best holistic Ayurveda treatment in Pune.

ATRC Panchkarma Center

Heal yourself and get relieved from the chronic diseases through the natural way of cleansing & Detoxification of the body. ACE Transdisciplinary Research Centre offers the best Panchakarma treatment in Pune that rejuvenates you for a blissful experience. We specialize in Panchkarma treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease, Fatty Liver, Constipation, and Urological disorders. We are equipped with the finest ambience that takes care of your comfort and privacy, years of experience, and expert Ayurvedic professionals.

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