C V Mandke

Senior Yoga Trainer

C V Mandke stands amongst the elite group of senior yoga trainers in the state of Maharashtra. Over the period, he has trained over 100 Yoga teachers and has a profound understanding of Yoga Shastras.

Shruti Apte

Pranic Healer

Leaving her sprawling IT career, Shruti apte opted Pranic healing as her profession. Healing patients for more than 5 years now, she is one of the most profound Pranic healers in Pune. She is also a certified yoga therapist and a Bach Flower Remedy expert.

Dr. Maithili Rembhotkar

Ayurveda Doctor

With a hands-on experience of over 7 years in Ayurvedic diagnosis, lifestyle management, detox treatments and panchakarma chikitsa, Dr. Maithaili is one of the top Ayurvedic doctors in Pune. As an expert in Nutrition, Natural remedy and preparing Ayurvedic formulations, she carries in-depth knowledge in the areas of Nadi pariksha, Yog and Pranayam.

Sagar Patankar

Senior Yoga Intructor

An avid Yoga practitioner for the last 15 years, Sagar Patankar is a certified Yoga Shikshak from Bihar school of yoga and has been a resident Yogi of the prestigious institution for last 8 years. He has also completed his Masters in yoga therapy from Svyasa University. Currently, Sagar is pursuing his PhD in Yoga.


Yoga Shikshak

Komal is a certified Yoga Shikshak from Hrishikesh, Uttarakhand. She specializes in the field of Medical Yoga for 4+ years. She has been associated with ATRC for over a year now.

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