As the road to good health starts with gut and Liver health, the majority of us often overlook the slightest of the ailing symptoms. Although our body is capable of healing itself naturally; however, it’s the imbalance and weakened digestive capacity that causes the damage. Here we would also like to break one of the most common myths that only alcoholics are the one who suffer face liver disorder. Yes, consuming alcohol is injurious to health but liver ailments can happen to anyone. At ACE Transdisciplinary Research Centre, our focus is to heal the damage through natural processes. As one of the top holistic treatment centers in Pune, we have come up with a Fatty liver clinic that specializes in liver cleansing. We cleanse your liver that helps to prevent free radical damage and repairs liver cell membranes.

Our integrated approach goes a long way in giving immense health enhancement benefits. Liver cleansing at regular intervals helps you stay absolutely healthy and happy. Our Fatty liver clinic has come up with a synergistic solution of Colon therapy, Ayurvedic Phytomedicines and therapies, Pranic Healing, and Yoga.

The liver-cleansing sessions are customized to meet the individual needs with personalized attention. Standing as the best liver detoxification center in Pune, we endeavour to provide a perfect healing therapy that helps you to rejuvenate yourself. Therefore, if you are looking to revive your wellness through our specialized holistic therapies, visit our Fatty liver clinic in Pune today to get the best liver cleansing treatment in Pune.

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