The brain-gut communication is vital for the human body however stress, anxiety, and sedentary lifestyle leads to health ailments like indigestion or constipation. Studies have revealed that our thoughts and emotions triggered by stress are one of the biggest factors of constipation.

Combining ancient knowledge with state-of-the-art-technologies, ACE Transdisciplinary Research Centre has embraced a wholesome idea of holistic treatment opportunities. ATRC is one of the biggest colon therapy centers in Pune; Maharashtra that offers natural therapy that cleans and detoxifies your gastrointestinal system.
People have a misconception that constipation results only due intestinal obstructions. However, there are various factors that dispose a person to constipation. Physiological issues, minimal physical exercise, stress, anxiety and more. This is why ATRC aligns to a holistic approach that includes Ayurvedic medicines Pranic healing and Yoga alongside colon therapy.
Colon therapy is the most popular and an effective alternative to the cleansing process that is followed globally.
As one of the pioneers of Colon health care in India, we ensure the best global practices in performing Colon therapy in Pune. Blending Yoga, natural therapies, Ayurvedic medicines, and Pranic healing to create a healthy lifestyle is our forte. Below are some of the key benefits of Colon cleansing that are performed using natural remedies.

  • Effective digestive system
  • Maintains regularity & prevents constipation
  • Kickstarts weight loss
  • Increases energy
  • Improves Concentration
  • Decreases risk of colon cancer
  • Increases body’s absorption of vitamins & minerals
  • Increases fertility
  • Maintains pH balance in the bloodstream
  • Improves whole body wellbeing

With a pool of qualified colon therapists, we at ATRC are committed to delivering healthy lifestyle solutions for society. Visit us today for availing the best colon therapy in Pune that is safe, healthy, and natural.

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